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The Complete Picture

ICS have responded to the needs of cash processing organisations by creating a solution which provides the ability to view, contrast and compare currency processing statistics from different systems across an entire organisation. The Independent System Reporting (iSYS) solution has been developed to meet the need for organisations to manage their note inventories processing operations.

Traditionally, the only means for obtaining processing data has been via the vendor-specific outputs. These could be paper based or data files but would typically only interface with the vendors own equipment. For organisations with multiple equipment types and models this results in significant problems when trying to consolidate data, or produce a comprehensive report on processing operations and output. The sheer variety of output types, formats and lack of standards, even from systems supplied by the same vendor, make consolidation time consuming and complex so the benefits from this type of overview are therefore often ignored. At ICS we believe that vendor independence and common reporting standards offer key advantages to our customers and iSYS allows this consolidation to take place for the first time, irrespective of the type of system output confronted.

Why iSYS?

ICS has developed iSYS, a software application that will report the processing activities from each banknote sorter at the end of a batch, shift or day, to meet the reporting needs of the industry. iSYS scans system proprietary data files for information that is common across processing equipment from all vendors, in the estate and then unifies this information in a single, central database. iSYS has been devised so that it can eliminate differences in terminology or processes so what might be a shift for one machine might be a batch for another, but intelligent data mapping during the importing phase will ensure that iSYS treats them as one of the same. This enables management to access information from all systems and delivers the data in a common consistent format that can be used to provide valuable visibility on note inventories and denominational breakdown, operational performance and relative throughput by machines, locations or operator.

Information At Your Control

Having imported common data from different systems and regularised the terminology, analysis of overall productivity, banknote fitness yields and reject rates amongst others can be made and reported over the short, medium and long term. What's more, reports can be published for on-line access for controlled distribution and viewing without being at the processing site.

iSYS Enables You To Be Proactive

Reporting activity is useful, but it is only by acting on this data that the true benefits accrue. With iSYS, it is possible to configure targets and thresholds for KPI's. These may be driven by corporate targets or by national standards required by the Central Bank, but can be built in to iSYS so that management can assess performance on a continuous and consistent basis and ensure that all involved in the process are fully aware of their own individual performance and issues are identified before they become critical . It may be, for example, that the target reject rate is 2% but that anything above 4% requires special attention and iSYS can help to be proactive by issuing alerts when lines are crossed. Armed with an exception report that shows such an increase in reject rate on a particular system or in a certain region, managers can focus on determining the causes and put in place corrective actions as required.

Whilst an exception report can be actively accessed to check for exception events, iSYS can interface with e-mail systems to automatically generate e-mail notifications of exceptions along with a hyperlink to the respective report. Exception notifications can be configured to be e-mailed to an inbox one or more times per day to one or more people across the organisation, helping to ensure the matter is investigated and resolved in a timely manner.

Closing The Loop

Building on the ICS range of independent banknote condition monitoring solutions, iSYS provides a means of reporting on the output and productivity of a mixed estate of systems. It enables users to see the evolving state of their note stocks and to take corrective action prior to problems arising and also facilitates the measurement of machine, operator and service performance with a common, consistent and constant process.
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