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Non-Executive Board

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The Non-Executive Board of iSYS is made up of a number of experts with multi-disciplinary backgrounds from across the currency industry who provide the management with a detailed insight of the industry and the operational requirements of note processors internationally.
  • Richard Haycock
    Richard Haycock is a board member at Intelligent Currency Solutions Limited. Richard’s career in the currency industry started when he joined Recognition Equipment Inc.’s Currency Systems division. In 1991, he bought the division and set up Currency Systems International (CSI). Over the next five years he increased the business to also include sister companies Currency Software Solutions (CSS) and Currency Consulting International( CCI). In the time to 2001, he grew the companies over 250 employees in 12 countries.

    After selling the companies in 2001 to De la Rue Plc, Richard started Currency Research USA Corp., a Texas based corporation organizing various conferences in the currency industry and carrying out consultancy projects for Central Banks. Richard is involved in various companies as chairman or board member.
  • Frank Lambe
    Frank Lambe is a board member at Intelligent Currency Solutions Limited. Frank was at Girobank, and subsequently Alliance and Leicester, for 30 years. With a background in Finance and Accounting, Frank rose to become the Head of Wholesale Banking and then Director of Alliance & Leicester’s Cash Solutions. During this time, Frank was also responsible for setting up a prepaid card operation for the Bank. Frank has also been Chairman of Bank of England’s 2010 note committee.
  • Thomas Waring
    Thomas Waring is a board member at Intelligent Currency Solutions Limited. Thomas’ career started as Accountant/Controller in the automotive industry. In 1992 Thomas took his first step in the currency industry when he joined CSI in the position of Controller and became CFO a year later. He became President and COO at CSI in 1999. In December 2001, Thomas started Trailblazer Studios by acquiring several smaller companies and combining their strengths to produce and post-produce TV shows and commercials. Thomas is currently CEO of Trailblazer Studios.
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