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Applications By Product


Deploying the ICS solution into the range of ATM and teller assist products will enable customers to monitor the quality of currency actually going into circulation from the commercial bank sector and also to manage to service arrangements around this network of equipment. Service level agreements with equipment suppliers and note processors can be managed effectively and issues relating to equipment performance linked to note conditions can be more effectively managed.


ICS has observed a growing trend for the introduction of self service and back office note recirculation devices. These products increasingly in use in bank branching and retail applications will have a potential to distance commercial processors from contact with note circulation information. The ICS solution will enable these units to be deployed whilst providing feedback on the quality of notes which they have processed and also operational data on note volumes and flows which would otherwise not be available.

Sorting Systems

ICS solutions will enable the monitoring of notes processed on large systems and desk top products. Our solution will be applied to the third party systems in the market to support their own note processing operations. Whilst they will continue to monitor note conditions on a number of parameters and enable machines to be calibrated to achieve target throughput and yield levels, the ICS solution will independently monitor and report of the actual quality of note processed and thus provide a consolidated view of the note circulation inventories. In addition to this, the ICS reporting solution can be deployed to lower capacity note sorting equipment (desk top counter/sorters for example) and will provide a consolidated view of the processing of notes at branch or non cash centre locations in order to provide a complete picture of note inventories by location, denomination and quality.

Deposit Reconciliation

ICS solutions can be applied to desk top systems used to process retailer and non banking deposits.This will provide a feedback on the quality of currency in circulation at this market sector and enhance the automation of “street sampling” currently undertaken by many central banks. ICS see this process as a means of providing a more comprehensive analysis of note quality by capturing the details on a market sector which is currently not typically seen by the major processing institutions or where processes are primarily manual.
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