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Why ICS?

The Company has been established to provide a consistent means of assessing note circulation inventories and supplement the customers own processing IT capabilities. In addition to this the Company aims to ensure that decisions on note circulation, new note issues and note procurement are taken with a detailed knowledge based on total visibility rather than limited sampling or incomplete data. Furthermore with the current trend to outsourcing many services and processes ICS is able to deliver an effective tool which enables outsourcing organisations to retain the information flows they require whilst also offering the outsource provider a means of delivering value added information and solutions.

What ICS can do for customers and how?

ICS is able to deliver a range of hardware and software solutions which will allow customers to access information from note processing equipment deployed in their markets.

The ICS solutions can be deployed into all note processing and cash handling equipment types, including but not limited to:
  • Banknote sorting equipment
  • Banknote counting equipment
  • Cash dispensing equipment and teller based dispensers
  • Note recirculation equipment
  • Self-service banking products
This means that organisations can constantly evaluate trends in note circulation and address any issues relating to quality, distribution or operational efficiency in a timely manner. ICS is able to achieve this across the entire equipment estate independent of the equipment vendor and thus provides a comprehensive and impartial view of the “real world” in which currency is circulating.

The information is provided via secure internet links and can be made available to individual customers or to a number of organisations on a confidential basis facilitating a benchmarking of operations nationally or internationally.
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