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Independent Soil Detector

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A Unique Solution to an Age-old Problem

ICS have developed the Independent Soil Detector (ISD) in response to the demand for consistent, repeatable and comprehensive data regarding the condition of banknotes in circulation. The ICS solution is different to any other product in that it separates data used for processing decisions (such as classification for reissue or destruction) from data required for statistical analysis. Since processing decisions and output formats vary from site to site and from machine to machine, it is not always possible to rely solely upon host system generated data for such purposes.
To overcome this, ICS have patented and developed a completely independent detector which is designed to compliment existing vendor-specific technology and provide comprehensive note inventory and management information. Other than the physical mounting on the host system, the ISD is entirely self-sufficient in that it has its own power source and data ports for connectivity to data processing and reporting servers.

Cross Vendor Application Incorporating Core Technology

The ISD is a module, incorporating ICS's core soil detection technology, designed to retrofit directly onto banknote processing systems. The design ensures minimal installation time and requires no significant machine modifications. The solution typically provides dual sided analysis ensuring optimal performance at all times, across the entire range of denominations and orientation at up to 2400 notes per minute. The technology used in ICS solutions has been specifically developed with durability, repeatability and stability at its heart. A combination of high quality components and innovative design ensure that, once initially configured, minimal routine maintenance and field-engineer servicing is necessary. Effectively a sealed unit, customers can be assured that performance variables are kept to a minimum allowing data to be compared across multiple systems and locations for consistent statistical and trend analysis.

Information to Work With

A vast amount of data can be captured by current generation technology, however, ICS have focussed their development on providing information that is relevant and timely for the purpose of sampling and assessing note quality. Data captured is forwarded to ICS Data servers where pre-formatted, dynamic and interactive reports and graphical views as shown below can be accessed with appropriate security controls.
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